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FEG P9R "Luger Compact"



The FEG P9R is the derivative of the earlier FEG P9 pistol. Both guns are made in Hungary by the FEGARMY Arms factory (formerly known as Fegyver es Gazkeszuelekgyara NV). The P9R uses the modified P9 frame and action, but the classic FN GP-35 Single Action trigger system is replaced with Smith&Wesson-style Double Action system. A double action version of the Browning high power. Extremely well made the Feg should have an impact on world markets for both military and civilian use.

Marks and Stamps: (L side of Slider) Luger Compact PARABELLUM Cal. 9mm (R side of barrel and slider) Serial no


Accession Number: 243 Period of Use: 1990s - present
Type: Self loading/automatic pistol War Zones:
Country of Origin: Hungary Type Date: 1985
Manufacturer: Fegyver es Gazkeszuelekgyara NV Serial Number: K 01338
Manufacture Date: Unknown Calibre/Ammunition: 9mm parabellum
Weight: 1000g Length Overall: 203mm
Cyclic Rate: semi-auto Length Barrel: 118mm
Deactivation Certificate Number: DA 27860