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Pistola Automatica Beretta Modello 1951 R

Pistola Automatica Beretta Modello 1951 R


After years of producing simple blow-back pistols Beretta developed the locked breech system where breech and barrel are locked together for an instant after firing and unlocked by contact with the frame. This reduces the recoil. The Model 1951 became the official service pistol of Italy, Israel, Egypt and Nigeria. A production line was set up in Egypt to produce the Model 1951 where it is called the Helwan. The select-fire version of the M951, known as M951R, was developed circa 1955 and was in limited production until early 1980s, used by special forces This weapon is certified as an Egyptiam Helwan, there is no evidence of this. Stamps suggest a Beretta manufacture. Visually weapon appears to be a 51R, this matches L side grip but R side grip is correct for M51 Chromed Mag is a mystery.

Marks and Stamps: (L side of slider) MODELLO 1951 E CAL 9mm.PARA (R side ) Serial no in two places (L grip) Beretta logo


Accession Number: 244 Period of Use: 1951 - present
Type: Self loading/automatic pistol War Zones: Middle East; Balkans; Africa
Country of Origin: Italy Type Date: 1951
Manufacturer: Pietro Beretta Armi SpA Serial Number: E04177
Manufacture Date: Unknown Calibre/Ammunition: 9mm Parabellum
Weight: 1300g Length Overall: 203mm
Cyclic Rate: Semi-auto Length Barrel: 114mm
Deactivation Certificate Number: DA 26166