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The 20 Listed Buildings at the Royal Gunpowder Mills

The 20 Listed Buildings at the Royal Gunpowder Mills

With 20 Listed Buildings, built between 1787-1916, the Royal Gunpowder Mills has the largest collection of listed buildings at one location in the UK.

In an official report The Royal Gunpowder Mills Waltham Abbey were described as “the most important site for the history of explosives in Europe”.

Many of the major world advances in gunpowder and explosive production using a range of technologies were made here, continuing into the later role of Research Centre, extending to rocket propellant. The listed buildings are unique surviving structures spanning the range of this activity which was carried on for the Crown in conditions of secrecy for over 200 years. This came to an end in 1991 when the Establishment’s role was transferred to other centres and from 2001 for the first time this remarkable site was opened to the outside world.

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L157 Group C Incorporating Mill (1861)

Grade 1

Listed No: 1140098

NGR: TL3773701167

A201/A202 Mixing House & Saltpetre Mill (1787)

Grade 2*

Listed No: 1251016

NGR: TL3768800948

L148 Group G Incorporating Mill No.7 (1888)

Grade 2*

Listed No: 1262902

NGR: TL3768901284

L149 Group E Incorporating Mill No.3 (1869)

Grade 2*

Listed No: 1251161

NGR: TL3774301289

L153 Group D Incorporating Mill No.8 (1867)

Grade 2*

Listed No: 1251162

NGR: TL3771001232

L168 Engine House & Mechanics Shop (1857)

Grade 2*

Listed No: 1251159

NGR: TL3771801050

L176/L177 Boiler House & Dynamo House (1857 & 1902)

Grade 2*

Listed No: 1329390

NGR: TL3773401026

L133 Magazine (1879)

Grade 2

Listed No: 1140103

NGR: TL3764901442

L134 Cordite Press House (1915)

Grade 2

Listed No: 1424791

NGR: TL3768601424

L135 Tray Magazine (1882)

Grade 2

Listed No: 1329392

NGR: TL3766001440

L136 Remote Accumulator Tower (1879)

Grade 2

Listed No: 1251099

NGR: TL3764001420

L141 Sorting House (1889)

Grade 2

Listed No: 1329389

NGR: TL3765301376

L145 Group F Incorporating Mill No 6 (1878)

Grade 2

Listed No: 1251164

NGR: TL3766701338

L154 Expense Magazine (1864)

Grade 2

Listed No: 1140099

NGR: TL3770801200

L165 Mineral Jelly Store No.2 (1916)

Grade 2

Listed No: 1140102

NGR: TL3771201084

L167 Reel Drying Stove (1889)

Grade 2

Listed No: 1251073

NGR: TL3777001120

L170a Expense Magazine (1857)

Grade 2

Listed No: 1140100

NGR: TL3778001090

A200 Walton House (1787)

Grade 2

Listed No: 1140101

NGR: TL3770800958

H7 Reel Drying Stove (1904)

Grade 2

Listed No: 1251036

NGR: TL3756101100

A221 The Lodge (early C19)

Grade 2

Listed No: 1329391

NGR: TL3781300920