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IndexTotal Deaths to Date  79List of Accidents and List of NamesWAAC-Index.pdf
4.10.1665Buried, Tho. Guttridge (Gutridge) killed with a Powder-mill  1Winters3.1887p 18WAAC-1600.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
  0WASC1.1904Waltham Abbey Church MonthlyWAAC-1600.pdfwasc_0795_00.pdf
5.10.1665Buried, Edward Simmons Carpenter - so kill'd  1Winters3.1887p 18WAAC-1600.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
  0WASC1.1904Waltham Abbey Church MonthlyWAAC-1600.pdfwasc_0795_00.pdf
6.3.1694Buried, Robert Sherbert, killed by Powder Mills  1PRWAAC-1600.pdf
  0WASC1.1904Waltham Abbey Church MonthlyWAAC-1600.pdfwasc_0795_00.pdf
27.11.1720Buried, Peter Bennett, of ye Town, killed ye Powder Mills  1Winters3.1887p 18WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
  0WASC1.1904Waltham Abbey Church MonthlyWAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0795_00.pdf
8.5.1727Buried, Francis Shadwick accidentally blown up by Gunpowder  1PRWAAC-1700.pdf
  0WASC1.1904Waltham Abbey Church MonthlyWAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0795_00.pdf
1739Corning Mill exploded "Only his clothes were found on Galley Hill" - 1 man killed  1Simmons4.1963p 65WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0158_00.pdf
  0WASC1.1904Waltham Abbey Church MonthlyWAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0795_00.pdf
1758Sunday the powder-mills at Waltham Abbey blew up;   0PR1758Press cutting of an explosion at WA Powdermills.WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0911_00.pdf
1760On Saturday morning one of the powdermills at Waltham Abbey blew up; one of the workmen was killed, and another wounded  1WASC1760RGPF. Explosions items from contemporary news journals c. 1800 copies of print from filmWAAC-1700.pdfwasc_1338_00.pdf
1762On Monday evening, about 9 0'clock,. Three of the powder-mills at Waltham Abbey blew up...  0PR1762Press cutting of an explosion at WA Powdermills.WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0912_00.pdf
3.12.1765Two powder mills blew up at Waltham, but happily no lives were lost.  0Winters 3.1887p 19 WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
  0Simmons4.1963p 65WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0158_00.pdf
1781Explosion of the Corning & Glazing Engine "3 killed and much damage done in the town"  0This was at FavershamWAAC-1700.pdf
11.2.1789First explosion at WARGM, five days after opening. Second of No 16 Head Mills blew up. Report by Jas Wright  0WASC12.2.1789RGPF WA Letter from Wright J. Bd of Ordnance re explosion at No 16 Head Mills. WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_1392_00.pdf
  0WASC12.2.1789RGPF WA Letter from Wright J. Re dismissal of two workers and explosion at No 16 Horse Mills.WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_1393_00.pdf
9.9.1789" At 11 o'clock, the two new or Iron Mills blew up. Tho. Rumball, the millman on duty, had just liquored the charge, and happened to be outside; he received no hurt. The master worker says this mill has frequently blown up."  0Winters3.1887p 33WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
  0Simmons4.1963p 65WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0158_00.pdf
4.2.1790"This morning at one o'clock, one of the Queen's Meads Mills blew up, which entirely unroofed the same. The charge had been worked for an hour. Tho Graylin, millman on duty, set fire to his jacket; but he received no bodily harm."  0Winters3.1887p 33WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
  0Simmons4.1963p 65WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0158_00.pdf
2.4.1790"Explosion of two mills, at 11 o'clock.. No one hurt"  0Winters3.1887p 33WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
  0Simmons4.1963p 65WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0158_00.pdf
22.5.1790"Hoppit Mills blew up. No one hurt"  0Winters3.1887p 34WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
  0Simmons4.1963p 65WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0158_00.pdf
1.5.1792Henry Dew fell in vat of boiling saltpetre liquor. Died next day.   1Winters3.1887Full report p35 WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
11.2.1793"Lambs Mill blew up. Bedstone blistered"  0Winters3.1887p 35WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
6.5.1793"This morning, at 7 o'clock, the Lower Smeaton's Mill* blew up. Set to work again May 13th" *Mills were called after the names of the men who originally worked them.  0Winters3.1887p 38WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
16.5.1793"This morning , at 1/4 past 8 o'clock, the Lower 15 Head Mill blew up. The charge had been on about 5 minutes. Although only a green charge, it unroofed and blew out the sides of the mill and split the shaft in two. No one hurt" Report by R Coleman - "No 15 Lower Head Mill (1/2 past 8 this morning) blew up, and this a green chargesplit the shaft in two and unroofed the mill and blew out the sides. [It was then thought that some of the millmen were guilty of putting on double charges]"  0Winters3.1887p 35 & p 39WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
29.7.1793"Upper 16 Head Mill blew up, small damage"  0Winters3.1887p 39WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
9.12.1794Several Traverses built between the Mills to prevent adjoining buildings from exploding (Note from Winters: These have proved to be of very great service in cases of explosion)  0Winters3.1887p 50WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
27.1.1795"This afternoon C Rooke fell into Gulley Stream at the Head Mills when assisting to move the gate and was unfortunately drowned. (On 28th April 1796.-Bd Order to pay Rooke's widow 1s a day from his death.) The water broke the bank away."   1Winters3.1887pp 44-45WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
  0WAPPReport on accidentWAAC-1700.pdf
20.2.1795"Two mills blew up on charcoal [This kind of explosion occurred but rarely]  0Winters3.1887p 45WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
14.6.1795"Upper 16 Head Mill blew and unroofed same" "At 3 o'clock in the morning the Upper 16 Head Mill blew up. No one injured" "  0Winters3.1887p 46 & p 50WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
23.6.1795"...blow at No 16 Head Mill blew."  0Winters3.1887p 50WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
16 8. 1795"Lamb's Mill blew" "One of Lamb's Mills blew up; no damage."   0Winters3.1887p 46 & p 52WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
13.2.1796"At 4 o'clock the Upper 15 Head Mill blew up; John Brown, Millman. His clothes caught fire, but did not injure his person"  0Winters3.1887p 52WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
6.5.1796"The 2-15 Head Mills blew up Green Charge" (R Coleman's Minute Book)  0Winters3.1887p 48WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
7.5.1796"The No 15 Head Mills blew up. Green Charge. John Smith, Millman. He threw himself down, by which he escaped injury."  0Winters3.1887p 52WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
13.2.1798"No 15 Mill, Upper Head blew up. Little injury"  0Winters3.1887p 54WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
3.12.1798"Lower Queen's Mead (lower part of Edmonsey) Mill blew up. It was violent, much injury done. The shock was felt all over the town, and gave greater alarm than was ever heard of before.. It was supposed that more than the ordinary quantity of powder had been put into the mill."  0Winters3.1887p 54WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
  0Simmons4.1963p 66WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0158_00.pdf
4.12.1798Letter from Major Congreve directing the mill charges to be reduced to 38lbs and 40lbs. Suspicion that millmen have added to the charges, and this caused great injury at the explosions.  0Winters3.1887p 54WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
  0Simmons4.1963p 66WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0158_00.pdf
5.12.1798"Mill blew up. Very violent. Caused by a practice of putting more powder on the beds than allowed. Millmen Smith and Wright."  0Winters3.1887p 54WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
  0Simmons4.1963p 66WAAC-1700.pdfwasc_0158_00.pdf
18.4.1801Explosion of New Corning House, Horse Mill Island. Nine men and 4 horses killed. Henry Hodgson, Tho Bilton, Rich. Ricketts, John Baily (or Bailey), John (or William) Lake, John Miles, Joseph Gibbs, Henry Martin, William West (or Mead).   9WASC1801Press cutting of an explosion at WA Powdermills. WAAC-1801.pdfwasc_0913_00.pdf
  0WASC1.1904Waltham Abbey Church MonthlyWAAC-1801.pdfwasc_0795_00.pdf
  0Winters3.1887Report pp 57-59 WAAC-1801.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
  0Simmons4.1963p 66WAAC-1801.pdfwasc_0158_00.pdf
  0WASC1801Enquiry re floor coveringsWAAC-1801.pdfwasc_1380_00.pdf
16.6.1801"The Corning House under repair; took fire; 7 men very much burnt. The explosion is supposed to have been caused by the tools of the workmen employed therein. This house had been greatly injured by the blow on April 18th, 1801" "25th June - This accident by fire from the blow of a copper hammer on pit wheel"  0Winters3.1887p 59WAAC-1801.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
  0Simmons4.1963p 66WAAC-1801.pdfwasc_0158_00.pdf
9.4.1804"Explosion of No 6 Horsemill. No one injured"  0Winters3.1887p 62WAAC-1801.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
14.4.1805"No 5 Horse Mill exploded ( Iron beds and runners)."  0Winters3.1887p 62WAAC-1801.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
13.7.1806"Explosion, double water mill, worked 2 hours and 10 minutes; building nearly demolished. No one hurt."  0Winters3.1887p 65WAAC-1801.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
6.8.1808"Explosion, one side of Hoppet Mill - both sides of opposite mill exploded and another mill set on fire."   0Winters3.1887p 65WAAC-1801.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
6.10.1808"No 6 Horse Mill exploded, green charge, when millman was spreading same. Man and horse slightly burnt."  0Winters3.1887p 65WAAC-1801.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
16.1.1809"Half of Queen's Mead mill exploded; green charge."  0Winters3.1887p 66WAAC-1801.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
16.2.1810"Upper half of Queen's Mead Mill exploded. Little injury done"  0Winters3.1887p 67WAAC-1801.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
10.7.1811"Slight explosion at Lower Island, caused by the splitting of a runner during repairs"  0Winters3.1887p 70WAAC-1801.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
2.10.1811"Explosion, Mills Lower Island R A powder"  0Winters3.1887p 70WAAC-1801.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
19.11.1811Edward Heady, Wardman at the Refinery House, aged 85, drowned. An appeal of his widow for help. Mary Heady, widow, received from the Board on Dec 7th, 10 weeks and 6 days pay, 5s per week of 7 days, £2 14s 3 1/2d (?)  1Winters3.1887p 70WAAC-1801.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
27.11.1811No 4 Press House, Lower Island, exploded at 11.15 am. Fire spread to the Corning House and Reel House which also exploded. 8 men killed. Wm Stevens, Benj Parker, Thos Belsham (Belchere, Hen Wakeland, John Grapes, Joseph Chapple (Chappel), Daniel Goats (Goates, Coats), (13th Dec) Thomas Wiltshire (Wilshire).   8WASC1811Press cutting of an explosion at WA Powdermills. WAAC-1801.pdfwasc_0914_00.pdf
  0WASC1811WA Church Monthly. 8.1904 Article re explosion at RGPF in 1811. Includes account in the Cambridge Chronicle 29.11.1811WAAC-1801.pdfwasc_1111_00.pdf
  0WASCRGPF. Explosions items from contemporary news journals c. 1800 copies of print from filmWAAC-1801.pdfwasc_1338_00.pdf
  0WASCPoem including line "When with reports like thunder the Mills were blown away"WAAC-1801.pdfwasc_2132_00.pdf
  0Simmons4.1963pp 66-67WAAC-1801.pdfwasc_0158_00.pdf
  0Winters3.1887Report pp 70-72, 73 (re Goat's compensation) and 153 (re Goats' body)WAAC-1801.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
24.2.1813Thos Want, Rammey Marsh, compensation for injury recd. By explosion of 1811  0Winters3.1887p 74WAAC-1801.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
21.5.1813"Slight explosion north end of mill, Lower Island"  0Winters3.1887p 75WAAC-1801.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
14.12.1813"Slight explosion, 15 Head Mill"  0Winters3.1887p 75WAAC-1801.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
22.1.1814"Sharp explosion North End Mill, R A Powder"  0Winters3.1887p 78WAAC-1801.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
31.5.1815"Explosion of one of the Head Mills at 12.20. Millman's face slightly scorched. This mill had been working since 1764"  0Winters3.1887p 82WAAC-1801.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
27.6.1823"John Johnson, master salt petre refiner, killed by lightning." " I knew perfectly well Mr Johnson, master refiner of salt petre, who was killed by lightning in the presence of my father and myself; the only two persons that were with him in his office. He was reading at his desk close to a window, looking towards the chrystalyzing house; he was struck on the left side of his head; he was wearing his hat at the time; this was shattered. The electricity passed down his side and out of his shoe, bursting it. He did not fall from his stool for some seconds. My father immediately opened a vein in his arm; the blood was solid, not a drop came. At this terrible flash his wife was dreadfully alarmed; she was at home in a small room near the refinery. We were told she exclaimed, "My dear husband" and I am under the impression she died very shortly afterwards."  1Winters3.1887pp 142-143 Recollections of Henry Wright See "Our Parish Registers" p 152WAAC-1801.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
13.3.1826"Henry Brown injured by the late explosion"  0Winters3.1887p 95WAAC-1801.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
16/17.4.1836"Two mills exploded when not at work. Explosion April 15th-16th. Accidents happened at No 125 Mill, when the same was shut up. John Brown, rounder; John Speller, millman: Thos Sadd, master mixer; John Eaton, watchman; John Wraight, watchman; Timothy Bates, water warder - witnesses before Col. Moody"  0Winters3.1887pp 103-104WAAC-1801.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
16.3.1839"Explosion (Where we cannot say)"  0Winters3.1887p 104WAAC-1801.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
13.4.1843Explosion, Corning House and Press House. 7 killed. Thomas Sadd, John Newland, James Luck, John Dudley, James (or Edward) Essex, James Cole, Samuel Brown.   7WASC13.4.1843Relic from the explosion of the Corning and Press Houses, RGPF WAWAAC-1843.pdfwasc_0468_00.pdf
  0WASC13.4.1843Explosion of Corning House WA /1 Copper disc /2 plastic duplicate /3 rubber mould /4 Extract from Winters' Centenary Memorial 1887WAAC-1843.pdfwasc_0042_00.pdf
  0WASC22.4.1843The Explosion at WA. The Pictorial Times, Vol 1 pp 85-86 /1 Typed transcript provided by K Bascombe from the original in BM Newspaper Lib. /2 4 b/w photos of illustrations.WAAC-1843.pdfwasc_0572_00.pdf
  0WASC20.6.1843Faraday, Michael. Letter to the Royal Laboratory at Woolwich containing his report on his enquiry into an accident in which 7 lives were lost. Dated Royal Institution. 2 sheets pcWAAC-1843.pdfwasc_0557_00.pdf
  0WASC22.4.1843The Explosion at WA. ILN, Vol II, pp275-6 /1 Typed transcript provided by K Bascombe from the original in BM Newspaper Lib. /2 b/w photos of the article /3 3 b/w photos of illustrations.WAAC-1843.pdfwasc_0573_00.pdf
  0WASC9.10.1964Cheshunt & Waltham Weekly Telegraph. 9.10.1964 Chest "find" recalls tragedy of long ago - Powder Mill Explosions 0f 1843WAAC-1843.pdfwasc_0579_00.pdf
  0WASC1843RGPF WA Drawing of the WA Powder Mills after the 1843 explosion. WAAC-1843.pdfwasc_1263_00.pdf
  0WASCJames Cole WAAC-1843.pdfwasc_2166_00.pdf
  0PROMemos 64/50-52 re collection and interment of remainsWAAC-1843.pdf
  0PROHandwritten report 64/53 describing the accidentWAAC-1843.pdf
  0Quaker Journalp 307 WAAC-1843.pdf
  0Simmons4.1963pp 67 & p 35WAAC-1843.pdfwasc_0158_00.pdf
"Sacred to the mem. Of Mr James Luck dep this life April 13 1843 aged 25 years. The mournful widow wished to express her high regard for her husband and thus wrote:- "Too virtuous, kind, and just with mortals to remain, / God thought fit by the explosion of the mills to take him back again."   0Parish Register - Wintersp 151WAAC-1843.pdf
  0Winters Report p 106 WAAC-1843.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
6.4.1846"Slight explosion, Water Mill, Lower Island"   0Winters p 109 WAAC-1843.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
Caused by the headwater rising over the watergate and setting the mill in motion causing friction and exploding the charge. No one present.  0PROReport5 64/54WAAC-1843.pdf
8.6.1848Small explosion No 2 Mill. Cause: Millman blew out light and this ignited some dust around the lamp. Both ends of the mill exploded. Millman blown into ditch but not hurt.   0PROReport5 64/54WAAC-1843.pdf
5.8.1848"Mill No 117, explosion caused by gun metal washer and spindle breaking."   0Wintersp 110WAAC-1843.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
5.8.1848Explosion in No 4 Mill. Cause unknown. No one hurt  0PROReport 64/54WAAC-1843.pdf
17.4.1849"Explosion of No 10 Mill, Lower Island" The drenching cistern acted well. Cause unknown. No one hurt.  0Winters PROp 110 Report 64/55WAAC-1843.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
5.6.1850"Slight explosion , No 126 Mill" Not recorded, but the north end of No 3 Mill exploded. Roof on fire in several places, put out by the floating engine. Drenching cistern worked. Cause unknown. No one hurt  0Winters PROp 110 Report 64/56WAAC-1843.pdfwasc_0011_00.pdf
30.4.1852Fire in the saltpetre refinery  0PRReport from the Essex Herald reported in the Times 6.5.1852WAAC-1843.pdf
13.5.1853Slight explosion and fire in No 2 Mill. Mill under repair. Caused by spark from hammer and wedge. One millman burned in face and hands  0PROReport 64/55WAAC-1843.pdf
27.8.1855No 5 Mill North end. Small explosion No one hurt. Damage to building £2.0.0.  0PROReport 64/56WAAC-1843.pdf
6.9.1855No 1 Mill, South end. Mill on charcoal. Fire caused by plough rubbing on iron cheese. ( Substituted by gunmetal soon after). Boards of roof "impregnated with powder" caught fire. No one hurt.   0PROReport 64/56WAAC-1843.pdf
19.4.1856Small explosion as the result of an experiment in incorporating Sulphate of lead and charcoal. No injury. Little damage  0Simmons4.1963p 68WAAC-1843.pdfwasc_0158_00.pdf
"Experiments were immediately made to ascertain whether the composition was highly explosive, which was found to be the case, in fact went off when struck by iron hammer on an anvil every time like detonating composition..."  0PROReport 64/56-57WAAC-1843.pdf
16.9.1856Explosion in No 6 Mill, north end. Cause thought to be the inner plough rubbing against an iron cheese. Roof and sides blown off leaving frame standing. Drenching cistern worked well. No one hurt.  0PROReport 64/57WAAC-1843.pdf
27.5.1857Explosion in No 5 Mill. Cause thought to be the inner plough rubbing against an iron cheese. Drenching cistern worked well. No one hurt.  0PROReport 64/57WAAC-1843.pdf
1.6.1857Saltpetre refinery fire.  0Simmons4.1963p 68WAAC-1843.pdfwasc_0158_00.pdf
Cause: Stoker lighting fire dropped hot coal which ignited wooden trough. In carrying trough to river, Knowler and his nephew slipped on a boat loaded with 13 barrels of powder. These exploded, setting off 4 or 5 more barrels on the quay. Four men seriously injured. Master Worker Mr Knowler "much injured", his nephew burnt so severely he "kept his bed for a year", a bricklayer named Adams assisting at the fire engine had his leg shattered and later amputated. A labourer, Williams was much burned.  0PRO WAAC-1843.pdf128/31
24.6.1857No 5 Mill, south end. Green charge. Little damage. Cost of repair £1.0.0. Speller the millman was slightly burnt  0PRO64/60WAAC-1843.pdf
7.7.1857No 6 Mill. Slight explosion while working a dogwood charge for Capt. Boxer.   0Simmons4.1963p 68WAAC-1843.pdfwasc_0158_00.pdf
Frequent explosions in these mills caused all four mills to be overhauled and the iron cheeses to be replaced with gunmetal.  0PROReport 64/61WAAC-1843.pdf
15.10.1858Explosion in No 12 Mill. South end. Cause: Overheated soot from a lamp chimney probably communicated fire to the mill. Drenching worked. No one hurt.  0PROReport 64/61WAAC-1843.pdf
30.11.1858Explosion in No 9 Mill, Steam Mills B. Cause: The iron bed of the mill cracked. The explosion blew the corrugated iron roof 70 yards away and "doubled up like paper". Drenching worked. No one hurt  0PROReport 64/62WAAC-1843.pdf
17.1.1861Explosion in No 10 Mill on Lower Island with charge of 50lbs of Enfield Powder  0PROPhotos 128/57-59WAAC-1861.pdfSUPP 5 860/1,2,3
  0WASC3 PhotographsWAAC-1861.pdfwasc_1655_00.pdf
No cause assigned. No one hurt.  0PRO Report 64/63 (partly illegible)WAAC-1861.pdf
27.5.1861Explosion at Group A Mills 1 killed Sampson Woodham. 3 injured John Rule, William Argent, William Burgess.   1WASC29.5.1861Morning Chronicle "Frightful Explosion at the Government GP Works." Typed transcript by K.BascombeWAAC-1861.pdfwasc_0575_00.pdf
  0WASC1.6.1861ILN Vol XXXVIII p 505. Re explosion at RGPF. Typed transcript by K BascombeWAAC-1861.pdfwasc_0576_00.pdf
  0WASC3.6.1861Morning Chronicle "The Terrible Explosion at RGPF. Singular Neglect in a Govt Est. Special Verdict WX Saturday evening" Typed transcript by K.BascombeWAAC-1861.pdfwasc_0577_00.pdf
  0WASC8.6.1861ILN Vol XXXVIII p 537. Re explosion at RGPF. /1 Typed transcript by K Bascombe /2 b/w photos of illustrationWAAC-1861.pdfwasc_0578_00.pdf
  0WASC27.5.1861Group A Mills Exploded (wasc_1655/4)WAAC-1861.pdfwasc_1655_00.pdf
  0PROPress Report 128/23-30WAAC-1861.pdfSUPP 5 749
Cause: The millman had not damped the runners and beds in E mill. The explosion here was rapidly communicated to other mills.  0PROReport 64/64-65 (partly illegible)WAAC-1861.pdf
  0PROPhotosWAAC-1861.pdfSUPP 5 860/6 128/45
  0"Explosion of gunpowder works" The Times 1861WAAC-1861.pdf
  0WASC9.10.1964Article re find in chest of old newspaperWAAC-1861.pdfwasc_0579_00.pdf
  0Simmons4.1963p 68WAAC-1861.pdfwasc_0158_00.pdf
2.2.1863Explosion in No 6 Mill. No cause assigned. No one hurt   0PROReport 64/67WAAC-1861.pdf
11.4.1864Explosion in Steam Mill F Group 6 Upper Works . First use of lasting cloth (fireproof clothing)  0Simmons4.1963p 69WAAC-1861.pdfwasc_0158_00.pdf
A green charge of common work exploded after 5 minutes of work. The millman (Charles Bales) was just in the act of adding a little more water to the charge when it exploded. He was burnt on the right side of the face and head and on his right hand. The fire proof clothing saved any part of his body being burnt" Cause unknown. Charles Bales returned to work 6th June 1864.  0PROReport 64/67WAAC-1861.pdf
11.8.1864Explosion in Steam Mill F Group 6 Upper Works . Dust charge of Enfield rifle powder. Violent explosion threw roof and sides up to 80 yards away. No cause assigned. No one hurt  0PROReport 64/68WAAC-1861.pdf
5.6.1865Explosion in No 11 Mill Group 4 Lower Island No cause assigned. No one hurt  0PROReport 64/68WAAC-1861.pdf
27.7.1865Explosion in No 10 Mill on Lower Island north end. "Millman Mr Garrett was looking in the doorway at the time of the explosion. He was severely burnt on the hand and in a less degree in the face." He was not wearing gloves nor was his hood buttoned under his chin. No cause assigned. The explosion was so slight that the drenching apparatus was not overturned. The charges were drowned by Thos Duncan (Master Artificer) who was working on the adjoining group of Steam Mills  0PROReport 64/68WAAC-1861.pdf
13.4.1866Explosion in Steam Mills Group 4 No 13 Mill. Small damage No one hurt. Millman was Wm Turner.  0PROReport 64/70WAAC-1861.pdf
13.6.1866Explosion in No 6 & 3 Mills Millhead. Charge in No 6 mill exploded followed by an explosion in No 3 Mill. Millman at No 6 (James Houghton) knocked down by explosion but otherwise unhurt. Cause was a copper bolt which had dropped into the bed of No 6 Mill. Found to be from a dusting reel. It is thought that a spark from the No 6 mill explosion carried on the wind across the Millhead to No 3 Mill.  0PROReport 64/70-71. Also press report at 64/72WAAC-1861.pdf
  0WASC25.7.1873Copper bolt 3 1/2" long from outside plough of No 6 Mill - found in bed after causing explosion south end of MillWAAC-1861.pdfwasc_0210_00.pdf
6.10.1866Explosion in No 5 and 2 Mills Millhead. Upper works. The south end of No 5 Mill exploded and a few seconds later No 2 Mill on the opposite side of the Millhead exploded. Millman at No 5 was Mr Lister (Little?)  0PROReport 64/71-73. Also press report at 64/72WAAC-1861.pdf
1.1.1868Explosion in Steam Mill B Group 6 Upper Works. Mill Man John Wackett had left. Water apparatus worked. No damage to machinery. No cause assigned. No one hurt  0PROReport 64/74WAAC-1861.pdf
2.5.1868Explosion in No 2 Mill, Millhead. Little damage. No cause assigned. No one hurt  0PROReport 64/74WAAC-1861.pdf
5.7.1869Explosion in Steam Mill A. Group 6 Upper Works. Millman E Monk was burnt on the left hand. W Burgess who was walking past at the time was struck by a piece of the roof and knocked off the walkway, injuring his head , ribs and legs. No cause assigned.  0PROReport 64/75WAAC-1861.pdf
14.8.1869Explosion in Steam Mill A. Group 6 Upper Works. Millman John Wackett bruised left hip and shoulder. No cause assigned  0PROReport 64/75WAAC-1861.pdf
16.6.1870"...an explosion occurred at the (Press House on) Lower Island which caused the deaths of James Reeves (foreman), Lewis Wilson, Charles Simpson, Abraham Holmes, and John Ward." Magazine next door containing 5000lbs of gunpowder emptied into the river.  5PRPress report from The Times 17.6.1870WAAC-1870.pdf
  0PRReport on "The fatal explosion at Waltham Abbey Mills" WAAC-1870.pdf
"Report! Report! terrific sound from yon / secluded shade, re-echoes far and near, / Charged with combustion and replete with death."  0Par Reg - WWAAC-1870.pdf
  0 Memorial card for John Dunham WardWAAC-1870.pdf
  0PROPress Report and 64/76-97WAAC-1870.pdfSUPP 5 749
  0Simmons4.1963p 69WAAC-1870.pdfwasc_0158_00.pdf
  0WintersIn memoriam 128/1-3WAAC-1870.pdf
28.2.1871Slight explosion in No 2 Water Mill, Millhead south end. Edward Findlay, Assistant Master Worker and Mr Seeley of the Kames Gunpowder Co who had just entered the building were both severely burnt  0PROReport 128/4WAAC-1870.pdf
17.7.1871Explosion in No 10 Water Mill Lower Island. Both ends. No cause assigned. No one hurt. This mill is one of the oldest being reconstructed in 1841. Since which date 3 explosions have occurred.  0PROReport 128/5WAAC-1870.pdf
8.4.1873Explosion of 3 x 5" discs of GC in press caused by long travel of piston creating friction.  0Simmons4.1963p 69WAAC-1870.pdfwasc_0158_00.pdf
2 men very slightly hurt.  0PROReport 128/6WAAC-1870.pdf
21.5.1873Explosion in Mill No 9 Steam Group A No one hurt. Detailed damage report including diagram.  0PROReport 128/7WAAC-1870.pdf
25.7.1873Explosion in No 6 Incorporating Mill Mill Head South End. Caused by pin securing the plough which was missing and found on the bed, ground up and in several pieces. The drenching apparatus worked in this and the north end mill and No 5 mill. No one hurt.  0PROReport 128/8WAAC-1870.pdf
19.5.1874Explosion in No 1 Incorporating Mill Mill Head upstream end. No cause assigned. No one hurt  0PROReport 128/9WAAC-1874.pdf
2.10.18745 am Macclesfield Bridge, Regents Canal - 2 or 3 barrels of petroleum and 5 tons of GP on barge Tilbury ex WA for Codnor Park near Nottingham exploded. 3 died. This explosion was a contributory factor in bringing about the 1875 Explosives Act  0WAAC-1874.pdf
15.7.1876Explosion in No 9 Mill Steam Group A. Millman Mr Ford. No cause assigned. No one hurt. Same mills exploded 21.5.1873  0PROReport 128/10WAAC-1874.pdf
2.8.1877Explosion of GC in press. Pellet House. Detailed report. Cause: pieces of grit found between lower steel plate and the gunmetal bush. Rope Mantlets introduced after this. The pressman Wm Lovegrove suffered concussion and was not expected to live. However he recovered and returned to work 9 weeks later. Mantlets introduced after this accident.  0PROReport 128/11-12WAAC-1874.pdfSUPP 5 749
  0Simmons4.1963p 69WAAC-1874.pdfwasc_0158_00.pdf
7.9.1877Explosion at south end of No 6 Water Mill, Millhead  0PROFirst report into the accident WAAC-1874.pdfSUPP 5 860/ 4,5
Severe explosion much damage. Detailed report. Millman James Knightley was "not injured beyond a severe shock, but his eyebrows and lashes were blown off" No cause assigned.. James Lane, millman on No 2 Mill was awarded £5 for his courage in stopping his Mill and overturning the drenching apparatus and then going to No 3 Mill and stopping that.   0PROReport 128/13WAAC-1874.pdf
  0PRO2 photos 128/60 & 61WAAC-1874.pdf
29.12.1882Explosion of wet guncotton during dressing. No injury (saved by mantlet). Due to the accumulation and gradual drying and hardening of some GC in a part of the press where it was exposed to friction.  0HMI1882Report from HM InspectorWAAC-1874.pdf
26.9.1884Guncotton explosion in water oven in GC Factory  0PROPhotos 128/64-65WAAC-1874.pdf
30.11.1885Death of Worker, Henry Bailey by drowning  1ElliottPhoto of gravestone.WAAC-1874.pdf
22.8.1890Explosion in No 1 Breaking down house prior to pressing - 2 men killed. William Maynard, William Napthan (Napthew). Injured, Albert Wilson. Reported that Napthan had committed suicide.  2WASC22.8.1890Manuscript note from Dr K Bascombe illustrating and giving details of a bronze or brass cross commemorating the GP Explosion at WA .WAAC-1890.pdfwasc_1591_00.pdf
  0WASC22.8.1890Explosion at No 1 Breaking Down House showing Shoe Shed in which the injured man (Wilson) was at the time of the explosionWAAC-1890.pdfwasc_0069_00.pdf
  0WASC22.8.1890Explosion at No 1 Breaking Down HouseWAAC-1890.pdfwasc_0070_00.pdf
  0WASC22.8.1890Relic of Explosion at RGPF. A shaped block of brass on a wooden base inscribed.WAAC-1890.pdfwasc_0840_00.pdf
  0WASC21.10.1890Press report with illus.WAAC-1890.pdfwasc_1338_00.pdf
  0WASC1890-7Bound book of newspaper cuttings from local and national press re various gp explosions inc WAWAAC-1890.pdfwasc_0507_00.pdf
  0WASC1890Explosion at a govt. powder factory. Backed b/w photos of press cuttings from WA Hist Soc collection re explosion 1890WAAC-1890.pdfwasc_0531_00.pdf
  0WASCPhotos copied from Gen W H Noble's Family Photo Album. Photo 11, 12.WAAC-1890.pdfwasc_1590_00.pdf
  0PROPress reportsWAAC-1890.pdfSUPP 5 749
  0PROPhotos 128/66-69WAAC-1890.pdf
  0WASC2 PhotographsWAAC-1890.pdfwasc_1655_00.pdf
  0Explosions at RGPF from Waltham Abbey LibraryWAAC-1890.pdf
21.10.1890Explosion at Group C Incorporating Mills  0WASC21.10.1890RGPF Explosion at "C" Group Incorporating Mills Part of roof 84 feet from Mill B/w photoWAAC-1890.pdfwasc_1241_00.pdf
  0WASC21.10.1890Explosion at Group C Inc MillsWAAC-1890.pdfwasc_0071_00.pdf
.  0WASC21.10.1890Explosion at C GroupWAAC-1890.pdfwasc_0072_00.pdf
  0WASC21.10.1890GPF Explosion at C Group showing drenching can overturnedWAAC-1890.pdfwasc_0068_00.pdf
  0WASCc 1890Photos copied from Gen W H Noble's Family Photo Album /1-/27WAAC-1890.pdfwasc_1590_00.pdf
  0PROPhotos 128/70WAAC-1890.pdf
  0Explosions at RGPF from Waltham Abbey LibraryWAAC-1890.pdf
11.3.1892Explosion at Group G Incorporating Mills 10.50pm. No injuries  0WASC11.3.1892Explosion at G Group 10.50pm photoWAAC-1892.pdfwasc_0073_00.pdf
  0WASC11.3.1892Explosion at G Group 10.50pm photoWAAC-1892.pdfwasc_0074_00.pdf
  0WASC11.3.1892Explosion at G Group 10.50pm photoWAAC-1892.pdfwasc_0076_00.pdf
  0WASC11.3.1892Close up photo of barrels detailWAAC-1892.pdfwasc_0077_00.pdf
  0PROPhotos 128/71-72WAAC-1892.pdf
  0WASC1890-7Bound book of newspaper cuttings from local and national press re various gp explosions inc WAWAAC-1892.pdfwasc_0507_00.pdf
Cause not ascertained, may have been due to the accidental uncovering or laying bare of the bed  0HMI1892Report from HM InspectorWAAC-1892.pdf
  0Explosions at RGPF from Waltham Abbey LibraryWAAC-1892.pdf
2.3.1893Explosion at GC drying stove fire  0WASC2.3.1893No 2 Guncotton Drying Stove photoWAAC-1893-03-02.pdfwasc_0089_00.pdf
No cause assigned  0HMI1893Report from HM InspectorWAAC-1893-03-02.pdf
  0PROPhotos 128/73-75WAAC-1893-03-02.pdf
  0PROMemo 128/22 WAAC-1893-03-02.pdf
5.3.1893John Cook of Bow Common, died in Tottenham Hospital from injuries received in the Guncotton Factory  1B Elliott WAAC-1893-03-02.pdf
(when a boiler exploded). Memo on 2.3.1893 fire states no injured men  0PROReport in record suggesting that this was the likely cause of Cook's deathWAAC-1893-03-02.pdfSUPP 5 749
13.12.1893Explosion at Cam House on Lower Island. - 9 men killed or died later. Walter Watts (13th), Henry Massey (13th), William Rudkin (14th), Henry Jennings (14th), James Clayden (14th), George Rudd (14th), Edward Larman (18th), Benjamin Hare(19th), James Bailey (19th). Injured, William John Carr, Henry Skinner.  9WASC13.12.1893Explosion at No 2 Cam House, 2.35am photoWAAC-1893-12-13.pdfwasc_0085_00.pdf
  0WASC13.12.1893Explosion at No 2 Cam House, 2.35am photoWAAC-1893-12-13.pdfwasc_0086_00.pdf
  0WASC13.12.1893Explosion at No 2 Cam House, 2.35am photoWAAC-1893-12-13.pdfwasc_0087_00.pdf
  0WASC13.12.1893Explosion at No 2 Cam House, 2.35am photoWAAC-1893-12-13.pdfwasc_0088_00.pdf
  0WASC13.12.1893Relic of GP Cam House Explosion. Brass hexagon nutWAAC-1893-12-13.pdfwasc_0037_00.pdf
  0WASC13.12.1893First report into the accident WAAC-1893-12-13.pdfwasc_0359_00.pdf
  0WASC13.12.1893RGPF Cam House Explosion Photo of Mr Carr, injuredWAAC-1893-12-13.pdfwasc_1247_00.pdf
  0WASC13.12.1893RGPF Lower Island No 2 Cam House exploded 2.35am WAAC-1893-12-13.pdfwasc_1240_00.pdf
  0WASC1890-7Bound book of newspaper cuttings from local and national press re various gp explosions inc WAWAAC-1893-12-13.pdfwasc_0507_00.pdf
  0WASC5.1.1894The WA and Cheshunt Times. Extract entitled "The WA Explosions". Letter from W P Greenall appealing for financial help for dependants. WAAC-1893-12-13.pdfwasc_1779_00.pdf
  0PROPress reports 128/14-19WAAC-1893-12-13.pdfSUPP 5 749
  0PROPhotos 128/76-77WAAC-1893-12-13.pdf
  0WACM1.1894List of deaths and reportWAAC-1893-12-13.pdf
  0Simmons4.1963pp 71-73WAAC-1893-12-13.pdfwasc_0158_00.pdf
  0WASC1.1904Waltham Abbey Church MonthlyWAAC-1893-12-13.pdfwasc_0795_00.pdf
  0WAAC13.12.1893Death Cert and family papers for George RuddWAAC-1893-12-13.pdf
Report does not assign exact cause. Many recommendations made.  0HMI1893/4Report from HM Inspector WAAC-1893-12-13.pdf
  0PR12.1.1894 Times report on inquest WAAC-1893-12-13.pdf
  0PR1893-4The Weekly Telegraph. Series of reports on the accident and inquests 22.12.93/29.12.93/5.1.1894/12.1.189426.1.1894/2.2.94WAAC-1893-12-13.pdf
  0WASCFirst report of the Official enquiry with plansWAAC-1893-12-13.pdfwasc_2317_00.pdf
  0WACMChronology. 9 lives lostWAAC-1893-12-13.pdf
1.3.1894Explosion at GC dipping room during experiment. Mr Findlay, master worker, severely injured. Two other workers less so.  0WASC1.3.1894Explosion at Guncotton Dipping Room photoWAAC-1894-03-01.pdfwasc_0078_00.pdf
  0WASC1.3.1894Explosion at Guncotton Dipping Room photoWAAC-1894-03-01.pdfwasc_0081_00.pdf
  0PROPress ReportWAAC-1894-03-01.pdf128/20-21
Some portion of GC escaped immersion in the acids and became sufficiently heated to explode  0HMI1894Report from HM InspectorWAAC-1894-03-01.pdf
  0Explosions at RGPF from Waltham Abbey LibraryWAAC-1894-03-01.pdf
  0PR2.3.1894The Times "Explosion at Waltham Abbey"WAAC-1894-03-01.pdf
30.3.1894Explosion at settling pond  0WASC30.3.1894Explosion at Settling Pond photoWAAC-1894-03-30.pdfwasc_0091_00.pdf
  0WASC30.3.1894Explosion at Settling Pond photoWAAC-1894-03-30.pdfwasc_0092_00.pdf
  0WASC30.3.1894Explosion at Settling Pond photoWAAC-1894-03-30.pdfwasc_0093_00.pdf
7.5.1894Explosion at 4.8pm Quinton Hill NG plant - 4 killed- William Bennie (Rennie), George Suckling, George Frost, William Smith Ingram. About 20 others suffered injuries.  4WASC7.5.1894Report into Explosion - NGF WA WAAC-1894-05-07.pdfwasc_0001_00.pdf
  0WASC7.5.1894Explosion at NG Factory (Wash water settling house) photoWAAC-1894-05-07.pdfwasc_0094_00.pdf
  0WASC7.5.1894Explosion at NG Factory (Cordite Reeling House) photoWAAC-1894-05-07.pdfwasc_0095_00.pdf
  0WASC7.5.1894Explosion at NG Factory (NG Washing House, West) photoWAAC-1894-05-07.pdfwasc_0096_00.pdf
  0WASC7.5.1894Explosion at NG Factory (NG Store & Washing House, West) photoWAAC-1894-05-07.pdfwasc_0097_00.pdf
  0WASC7.5.1894Explosion at NG Factory (NG Washing House, North) photoWAAC-1894-05-07.pdfwasc_0098_00.pdf
  0WASC7.5.1894An inscribed relic of Quinton Hill NG explosionWAAC-1894-05-07.pdfwasc_0493_00.pdf
  0WASC7.5.1894Press report with illustrationWAAC-1894-05-07.pdfwasc_1338_00.pdf
  0WASC3 photographsWAAC-1894-05-07.pdfwasc_1655_00.pdf
  0Simmons4.1963pp 73-75WAAC-1894-05-07.pdfwasc_0158_00.pdf
No cause assigned  0HMI1894Report from HM InspectorWAAC-1894-05-07.pdf
  0WACM6.1894List of deaths and reportWAAC-1894-05-07.pdf
  0PROThose who behaved well. 64/15WAAC-1894-05-07.pdf
  0PostcardList of killed with agesWAAC-1894-05-07.pdf
Injured listed as Messrs Thomson, Skinner, Lindholm, Dellar, McCleak (?), King, Kirby, Perry, Ellis, Robinson, Brazier, Derbridge, Maynard, Gibbs, Pridmore, Bragg, Monk, Berry, Gray and Edwards  0PROList of killed & injured 64/16WAAC-1894-05-07.pdf
  0PROPhotos 128/84-92WAAC-1894-05-07.pdf
  0PROInformation required 64/17WAAC-1894-05-07.pdf
  0PR 18.1.1900Army & Navy Illustrated photos and small reportWAAC-1894-05-07.pdf
  0PR9.5.1894The Times report "Questions asked in the House of Commons"WAAC-1894-05-07.pdf
  0WASCPress report WA Weekly Telegraph" Presentation of gold watch to W T Thomson"WAAC-1894-05-07.pdfwasc_0859_00.pdf
  0Photo of fly page of a bible, inscribed with the four dead men's names presented to Albert WombwellWAAC-1894-05-07.pdf
  0WASC1894Official Report of the Enquiry Committee with plans WAAC-1894-05-07.pdfwasc_2317_00.pdf
4.12.1894James Luck hand crushed in machinery. Taken to Sandhurst Hospital and hand amputated  0PRExplosions at RGPF from Waltham Abbey LibraryWAAC-1894-05-07.pdf
22.4.1895Slight explosion in cordite charging press. 1oz exploded. Two men slightly injured. Cause not assigned.  0HMI1895Report from HM InspectorWAAC-1895.pdf
Cylinder burst under pressure, the friction igniting the cordite  0PROReport suggesting causeWAAC-1895.pdfSUPP 5 749
  0PR27.4.1895Comment in the LancetWAAC-1895.pdf
10.7.1895Explosion at No 13G Group C Mills  0WASC10.7.1895Explosion at No 13b Group C WAAC-1895.pdfwasc_0099_00.pdf
  0PROPhotos 128/93-95WAAC-1895.pdfSUPP 5 860/75
17.10.1895Explosion at 11B Group B Mills  0PROPhotos 128/97-99WAAC-1895.pdf
16.7.1897No 11b Mill exploded with green charge.  0PRO Photos 128/117-118WAAC-1897.pdf
2.10.1897Explosion at No 5 Mill, 60lbs of Picric Powder  0WASC2.10.1897Explosion at No 5 Mill, 60lbs of Picric Powder -b/w PhotoWAAC-1897.pdfwasc_1576_00.pdf
Cause possibly due to laying bare of a portion of the bed, due to the powder adhering to the runners and thus giving rise to friction. Considerable damage to mill. No injury.  0HMI1897Report from HM InspectorWAAC-1897.pdf
  0PROPhotos 128/121-122WAAC-1897.pdf
  0PROReportWAAC-1897.pdfSUPP 5 327
16.6.1898No 11b Mill exploded , 60lb green charge.  0WASC16.6.1898RGPF. No 11b Mill exploded , 60lb green charge. B/w photoWAAC-1897.pdfwasc_1574_00.pdf
  0WASC16.6.1898RGPF. No 11b Mill exploded , 60lb green charge. B/w photoWAAC-1897.pdfwasc_1575_00.pdf
  0PROPhotos 128/123WAAC-1897.pdf
11.1898Slight explosion in grinding of picric powders. Due to bearing of brass scrapers on the bed of the mill. Little damage to building. No injuries  0HMI1898Report from HM InspectorWAAC-1897.pdf
7.12.1898Slight explosion in grinding of picric powders. Due to bearing of brass scrapers on the bed of the mill. Considerable damage to building. No injuries  0HMI1898Report from HM InspectorWAAC-1897.pdf
21.4.1899Explosion at No 11B Mills  0WASC21.4.1899RGPF. No 11b Mill exploded , 50lb dust charge. B/w photoWAAC-1897.pdfwasc_1572_00.pdf
  0WASC21.4.1899RGPF. No 11b Mill exploded , 50lb dust charge. B/w photoWAAC-1897.pdfwasc_1573_00.pdf
  0PROReportWAAC-1897.pdfSUPP 5 327
  0PROPhotos 128/125WAAC-1897.pdf
No cause assigned  0HMI1899Report from HM InspectorWAAC-1897.pdf
1.3.1900Explosion at No 1 Hydraulic Press of 9 oz of Primer B. Cause unknown. One man slightly injured. Saved by mantlets.   0HMI1900Report from HM InspectorWAAC-1900.pdf
  0PROPhotos 128/126WAAC-1900.pdf
11.5.1900No 4 Hydraulic Press Slight explosion  0PROAnnual Report WAAC-1900.pdfSUPP 5 706
14.2.1901Accident at Cordite Mixing House. May have been caused by static electricity. No one injured.   0HMI1901Report from HM InspectorWAAC-1900.pdf
5.2.1902Fire at Blank Cutting House. May have been caused by grit on cutting blade. One man slightly injured.   0HMI1902Report from HM InspectorWAAC-1902.pdf
  0PROPhotos 128/127,129WAAC-1902.pdf
C Williams (Injured back) W Embleton (shock)  0PROAnnual Report WAAC-1902.pdfSUPP 5 754
24.9.1902Small fire in cordite press at Cordite Factory. Ignition due to rapid compression of an air bubble. No one injured.   0HMI1902Report from HM InspectorWAAC-1902.pdf
15.12.1902Explosion of 57lbs of Cordite MD in cordite incorporating M/c - 3 killed Eli Page, Walter Iron, William Henry Mecklenburgh.   3WASC15.12.1902Cordite Incorporator explosion in Group GWAAC-1902.pdfwasc_0102_00.pdf
Injured: D Clements, A Springham and G. T Taylor  0WASC15.12.1902Cordite Incorporator explosion in Group G showing effect on Group E photoWAAC-1902.pdfwasc_0103_00.pdf
  0WASC15.12.1902Cordite Incorporator explosion in Group G View of Boiler House, Engine Room and Bays 3,2,1. Back view photoWAAC-1902.pdfwasc_0104_00.pdf
  0WASC15.12.19023/8" Iron nut found in waste from Incorporating m/c. Group 1 Bay 1 after explosion WAAC-1902.pdfwasc_0231_00.pdf
  0WASC15.12.1902Piece of Incorporating Machine No 7832 which exploded WAAC-1902.pdfwasc_0254_00.pdf
  0WASC15.12.1902Nathan, F L - Proceedings of a Court of Enquiry re circumstances attending explosion at WA (Xero copies)WAAC-1902.pdfwasc_0353_00.pdf
  0WASC3 photographsWAAC-1902.pdfwasc_1655_00.pdf
  0PRO Press reportWAAC-1902.pdfSUPP 5 749
Exact cause unknown  0HMI1902Report from HM Inspector WAAC-1902.pdf
  0PRO Photos 128/131-133WAAC-1902.pdf
Possible causes: either a) Foreign body either in the paste or fallen into machine. b) Sudden fracture of blade, or c) Absence of acetone allowing friction  0PROReport 64/1WAAC-1902.pdf
  0Simmons4.1963p 75WAAC-1902.pdfwasc_0158_00.pdf
  0Explosions at RGPF from Waltham Abbey LibraryWAAC-1902.pdf
27.2.1903Explosion of 9oz B primer of guncotton in No 1 Hydraulic Press House. No one injured due to rope mantlets   0HMI1903Report from HM InspectorWAAC-1902.pdf
  0PROReport 64/1WAAC-1902.pdf
15.9.1903Ignition of cordite MD at Cordite Press House. No one injured.   0HMI1903Report from HM InspectorWAAC-1902.pdf
#.#.1904Slight explosion in melting lead recovered from a wash water settling tank. No injuries  0HMI1903Report from HM InspectorWAAC-1902.pdf
18.1.1904Slight explosion in small rifle cordite press. Caused by relief valve not working. No one injured.  0HMI1904Report from HM InspectorWAAC-1902.pdf
23.8.1906Frederick Hutchings inhaled nitrous fumes whilst cleaning a lead collector for repair. Died  1PROAnnual Report WAAC-1902.pdfSUPP 5 706
6.11.1906Ignition but no explosion at Cordite press. No one injured.   0HMI1906Report from HM InspectorWAAC-1902.pdf
29.4.1907Accidental drowning of William Rann  1PROMemo 128/32WAAC-1902.pdf
2.12.1907Explosion. Fire at cordite press, Group H Mills. Caused by foreign substance. 1 man slightly injured on hand and back of head   0HMI1907Report from HM InspectorWAAC-1902.pdf
19.2.1908Explosion at silvered vessel hut  0PROPhotos 128/158WAAC-1902.pdf
  0PROAccident ReportsWAAC-1902.pdfSUPP 5 329
16.6.1908Slight ignition of Cordite MD in press. Possibly caused by friction. No one injured.   0HMI1908Report from HM InspectorWAAC-1902.pdf
14.11.1908Small NG explosion in washing house. A plumber was killed when burning a lead upstand to the lead floor and ignited a small amount of NG, missed during cleaning.   1HMI1908Report from HM InspectorWAAC-1902.pdf
On 6.11.1908, some nitroglycerine was spilt on the floor…  0Report 64/18-19WAAC-1902.pdf
D McIntosh killed A Wackett injured  0PROAnnual Report WAAC-1902.pdfSUPP 5 707
10.10.1909Explosion in cordite press in Group H Mills. Cause unknown. 4 men injured, one detained in hospital for a few days. Mantlets saved greater injury  0HMI1909Report from HM InspectorWAAC-1902.pdf
  0PROPhotos 128/162-3WAAC-1902.pdf
Smith H, Smith G, Parker T, Goodey T  0PROAccident ReportsWAAC-1902.pdfSUPP 5 329
17.9.1910Explosion in Cordite Press. Caused possibly by friction set up by foreign matter. 3 men suffered burns but mantlets saved them from more serious injury  0HMI1910Report from HM InspectorWAAC-1902.pdf
  0PRO Accident ReportsWAAC-1902.pdfSUPP 5 329
8.3.1911Small explosion in Cordite Press. Caused by presence of foreign body (a piece of coke) in press. No one injured.   0HMI1911Report from HM InspectorWAAC-1911-1937.pdf
10.11.1911 Constable's tragic death by drowning in the Hoppit Stream. PC Frederick William Free  1WASC1911Weekly Telegraph re Royal Gunpowder Factory Constable's tragic death by drowning in the Hoppit Stream. Inquest verdictWAAC-1911-1937.pdfwasc_1784_00.pdf
22.8.1914Ignition in hydraulic press. Cause unknown probably due to inexperience. The man manipulating the press was under instruction.. No damage to personnel or material.   0HMI1914Report from HM InspectorWAAC-1911-1937.pdf
11.11.1914Ignition in hydraulic press. Cause unknown probably due to inexperience. The man manipulating the press was under instruction.. No damage to personnel or material.   0HMI1914Report from HM InspectorWAAC-1911-1937.pdf
18.11.1914Ignition in hydraulic press. Cause unknown probably due to inexperience. The man manipulating the press was under instruction.. No damage to personnel or material.   0HMI1914Report from HM InspectorWAAC-1911-1937.pdf
21.11.1914Ignition in hydraulic press. Cause unknown probably due to inexperience. The man manipulating the press was under instruction.. No damage to personnel or material.   0HMI1914Report from HM InspectorWAAC-1911-1937.pdf
20.12.1914Small explosion in GC pressing house. No one injured. Caused by top die not being sufficiently retracted.  0HMI1914Report from HM InspectorWAAC-1911-1937.pdf
10.12.1915Mrs Young, wife of worker, went to factory to hand in medical certificate for husband. Fell in river in dark and drowned  1PRWeekly Telegraph WAAC-1911-1937.pdf
2.2.1916Fire at No 25 stove GC Section  0PROPhotos 128/166WAAC-1911-1937.pdf
1.5.1916Ignition of MDY, No 5 Press House, Bay 4 ignition of MDY 20-10  0PROPhoto 128/167WAAC-1911-1937.pdf
7.1.1916Samuel Berry blown into the River Lea  1PRWeekly TelegraphWAAC-1911-1937.pdf
22.7.1916Explosion at NG plant  0PROPhotos 128/168WAAC-1911-1937.pdf
31.7.1916Fire at GC Stove  0PROPhotos 128/168WAAC-1911-1937.pdf
24.8.1916No 1 Guncotton Press exploded with 9oz Primer  0PROPhoto 128/168WAAC-1911-1937.pdf
24.8.1916Fire at CE Nitrating House  0PROPhotos 128/170WAAC-1911-1937.pdf
22.2.1917Fire at No 3 CE Purification House  0PROPhotos 128/171WAAC-1911-1937.pdf
19.12.1917Fire at No 25 and No 32 Cordite Tray Stores  0PROPhotos 128/173WAAC-1911-1937.pdf
21.12.1917Fire at GC Yarn Waterproofing House  0PROPhotos 128/174WAAC-1911-1937.pdf
15.2.1918Fire at C/E Purification House, Acetone  0PROPhotos 128/175WAAC-1911-1937.pdf
15.3.1918Boat Fire (RDB)  0PROPhotos 128/173,175WAAC-1911-1937.pdf
15.3.1918Cordite Explosion, severely burning Thos Robinson and Alfred Street  0Sandhurst Hospital recordsWAAC-1911-1937.pdfwasc_0869_00.pdf
26.7.1918Acid pot explosion burns to Thos Threadgold, 47, (recovered) and William Edwards, 43, (who died from injuries)  1Sandhurst Hospital recordsWAAC-1911-1937.pdfwasc_0869_00.pdf
5.10.1919Explosion. Press No 5 bay 9. Ignition of MD  0PROPhotos 128/176WAAC-1911-1937.pdf
6.2.1920Explosion of CE. W Beause injured  0Sandhurst Hospital recordsWAAC-1911-1937.pdfwasc_0869_00.pdf
16.12.1925Explosion in RD 202 plant Building No 460 Milling House. Ammonium Perchlorate. No injuries  0PROReportWAAC-1911-1937.pdfSUPP 5 334
11.9.1937Explosion of NG in pond  0PROPhotos 16/1WAAC-1911-1937.pdf
1.12.1937Explosion of No 40 Cordite Tray Stove  0PROReportWAAC-1911-1937.pdfSUPP 5 751
  0Photograph 16/16WAAC-1911-1937.pdf
18.1.1940Explosion at NG Mixing House handling frozen NG - 5 men killed. Albert Lawrence, John Parkes, Charles Purkiss, Albert Kellman, John Robinson.  5WASC18.1.1940Proceedings of Court of Enquiry at WA re explosion Folder with pp 1- 9 appendices and minutesWAAC-1940-01-01.pdfwasc_0498_00.pdf
  0ElliottDetails of burials of the deadWAAC-1940-01-01.pdf
  0Simmons4.1963p 76WAAC-1940-01-01.pdfwasc_0158_00.pdf
  0Articles re bravery of Stanley Sewell, Leo O'Hagen and William Sylvester.WAAC-1940-01-01.pdfwasc_0379_00.pdf
  0Articles re bravery of Stanley Sewell, Leo O'Hagen and William Sylvester.WAAC-1940-01-01.pdfwasc_0380_00.pdf
  0WASCPapers re GC award (see WASC 1913 file)WAAC-1940-01-01.pdfwasc_1913_00.pdf
  0Notes re citation for the Edward Gallantry Medal and George Cross to Sewell, O'Hagen and SylvesterWAAC-1940-01-01.pdf
A T Ellis, E Stoner and W Morgan were injured  0Sandhurst Hospital RecordWAAC-1940-01-01.pdfwasc_0869_00.pdf
  0 2.2.1940Article from "The War Illustrated" 2.2.1940WAAC-1940-01-01.pdf
  0PR26.1.1940Four Local VictimsWAAC-1940-01-01.pdf
  0FamilyPapers re Charles PurkisWAAC-1940-01-01.pdf
  0PR 19.1.1940Daily Telegraph "Sabotage suspected"WAAC-1940-01-01.pdf
  0PR1.3.1940No Sabotage at Waltham Abbey ExplosionWAAC-1940-01-01.pdf
  0Touchpaper9.2001Donation of William Sylvester's George CrossWAAC-1940-01-01.pdf
  0Gallantry at Waltham Abbey, S W SewellWAAC-1940-01-01.pdf
  0PRFuneral of Gunpowder Factory Explosion VictimsWAAC-1940-01-01.pdf
  0After the Battle, 93pp34-43. The Royal Gunpowder Factory Explosions 1940WAAC-1940-01-01.pdfwasc_1869_00.pdf
  0After the Battle, 101Royal Gunpowder Factory SequelWAAC-1940-01-01.pdfwasc_1869_00.pdf
22.2.1940NG Explosion, A N Cutts, W S Morgan and A Boswell injured  0WASCSandhurst Hospital RecordWAAC-1940-01-01.pdfwasc_0869_00.pdf
  0Elliottp 44. The Royal Gunpowder Factory Explosions 1940WAAC-1940-01-01.pdfwasc_1869_00.pdf
2.4.1940Explosion (site unknown), Asst Foreman John McCabe, killed.  0Ray Sears25.9.2007Catalogue of Medal sales. Not at Waltham AbbeyWAAC-1940-01-01.pdf
8.4.1940Nathaniel Evans, 32, fatally injured by extensive acid burns and died in hospital. J Palmer severely burned  1Elliottp 45. The Royal Gunpowder Factory Explosions 1940WAAC-1940-01-01.pdfwasc_1869_00.pdf
  0WASCSandhurst Hospital RecordWAAC-1940-01-01.pdfwasc_0869_00.pdf
20.4.1940Explosion of NG Mixing House - 5 men killed. Thomas Galvin, Francis Keene, David Lewis, Leslie Raby, Norman Monk. Injured V C Marshall,W S Morgan, A Cutts, H R Sugg, H J Harris, W H Baker  5WASC20.4.1940Proceedings of Court of Enquiry into NG explosionWAAC-1940-04-20.pdfwasc_0178_00.pdf
R Wiseman and W S Morgan injured  0Sandhurst Hospital RecordWAAC-1940-04-20.pdfwasc_0869_00.pdf
  0Elliottp 46-49. The Royal Gunpowder Factory Explosions 1940WAAC-1940-04-20.pdfwasc_1869_00.pdf
  0PR27.7.1940 The Times - Medals for men who stayed on dutyWAAC-1940-04-20.pdf
  0Simmons4.1963p 76WAAC-1940-04-20.pdfwasc_0158_00.pdf
  0WASC1996Article from After the Battle - "The RGPF Explosions 1940" by Bryn ElliottWAAC-1940-04-20.pdfwasc_1869_00.pdf
  0ElliottDetails of burials of the deadWAAC-1940-04-20.pdf
  0PRElliott - Gunpowder Mills' dead to have graves markedWAAC-1940-04-20.pdf
  0Memorial Service at Waltham Abbey ChurchWAAC-1940-04-20.pdf
  0PRMore than 50 years on, a lasting tribute...WAAC-1940-04-20.pdf
  0PRWaltham Abbey Gazette 23.4.1998 Munitions blast men honouredWAAC-1940-04-20.pdf
AllTotal Deaths to Date  79List of NamesWAAC-Index.pdf